Tackle the toughest Materials and increase Productivity


Built by expert engineers on the floor of a leading plastics manufacturing company, the PULVR's patented process shreds then grinds tough materials, reducing maintenance costs while increasing productivity.


Dual-Action: Shred + Grind

First, the PULVR shreds the material and then guides the shredded material into the grinding chamber. This process reduces downtime, by limiting the wear on the PULVR's blades.

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Less Maintenance & Downtime

When it's time for regular upkeep, the PULVR utilizes a patented, highly engineered maintenance solution that enables replacement of individual components as opposed to the entire rotor. 

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Expert Design & High standards

Developed by STEERE, a leader in the  plastics business for more than 70 years, the PULVR was built to grind the industry's toughest materials - including glass-filled nylon. The PULVR was designed to be cleaned easily, which significantly cuts down on set-up times when switching materials. 

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“Every other grinder we tried didn’t last. We struggled regularly with downtime and maintenance issues. Our team created the innovative PULVR because we needed a solution that met the high-standards set for our products and manufacturing processes.”
— Brock Steere, STEERE Co-President