PULVR Specs & Features 


PULVR shreds the material and then individual fingers guide the shredded material into the grinding chamber. Each PULVR machine incorporates features to enable the dual-action shredding and granulating process.


Two Stages. Two Feed Chutes.

The PULVR shredder/granulator is designed with two (2) stages and two (2) feed chutes. The design was created to accommodate both hard and soft materials, with the hard material being abrasive. The design enables the hard material to be shredded in the upper chute before dropping into the granulator.  The softer material (rubber type) will go through the lower chute and drop directly into the granulator


Minimal repair & maintenance needed.

Not only does the PULVR work in two stages (shredder on top and the granulator on the bottom), it is designed with replaceable hardened inserts on the face of the rotor for longer wear and easy change out if excessive wear occurs.

The rotor and the shredder assembly are made with replaceable blade holders and shafts.  If a part is worn or damaged it is easily replaceable. There is a significant cost savings in downtime, not having to replace the whole rotor at once and the labor is minimal. The shredder is made with a durable, heat treated material and the replaceable teeth are hardened for extended life.




Safety is always first.

Safety is of utmost importance. All of the moving slides and hinges are protected with safety switches. If any of the chambers, doors, chutes or slides are not in place - the PULVR will not operate. The PULVR also contains three (3) e-stops for added safety.